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Comment: There is a good point about this, remember Ron Paul who?

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There is a good point about this, remember Ron Paul who?

However, Gary johnson is no Ron Paul. Ron Paul is worth talking about, spreading his integrity, his message, and his value for us and the Constitution. the way in which Ron Paul has fought tirelessly aainst the status quo for OUR country, that is worth talking about to others and telling others who he is. Does Gary Johnson have that same integrity? This is the question I believe you are trying to raise here. AND people on the dailypual have had a very good point with this regard, the day after the election it will be Gary who?

So, I think your point is why vote for someone just to make a statement against the other two? That is the same as voting the lesser of two evils, only now it is the lesser of three (?) The point that the Johnson people want to make is that they are not necessarily voting for Johnson, but they are voting to make a statement about what Romney has done, the RNC has done, and the MSM has done.

I hear you loud and clear. I understand that I want to lay my head down at night and NOT do the same old thing and vote the lesser of two evils, now three. I understand those who say I will vote for Gary johnson to prove a point to the RNC. BUT, Ron Paul seems to always act with integrity and I admire that. That is why we came together on the dailypaul and acroas this nation in the first place. Ron Paul is a rare man that was voted in to do a job and no one could bribe him to get him to do otherwise. That is hard to find and the rare opportunity was thrown away by the RNC and the evildoers.

So, I think that what you are saying is that voting for someone like Gary Johnson is no better than voting the same old way, the way that the MSM has brainwashed us into voting for years and years. VOTE AGAINT THE OTHER GUY!! (in this case guys)

I hear both sides of this, but I will support the Ron Paul write-in campaign. We need to STOP voting against the other guy. That is the same whether you vote to get out Obama and vote for Romney, you vote for Gary to prove a point to the RNC so Romeny will not win. A vote for any of them is really not a vote FOR as much as it is AGAINST someone else.

Also, I also think you have brought up the idea of Gary and war, he is pro-war??

President Paul 2012!! Write-in in Maine, Iowa, New Hampshire and more!!