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I hear what you are saying about choice and not pushing it, but

I think the point that the poster is making here is that GJ seems to be pushed on the seen here. GJ is no Ron Paul. Voting against another candidate or the RNC is the same tactic that has been done for years. Yes, express Liberty and vote the way each individual deems fit. BUT, to have GJ all over the dailypaul is not much differnet than voting the lesser of two evils. Yes, I see the side of vote for GJ cuz it will show our numbers and it will show the RNC, Romney will lose, but other than that I am not sure I see the point. The man is "better" than the others.

The opportunity of Ron Paul was mocked, laughed at, scorned, shunned, and thrown away. Stupid on their part, but what moves we make as individuals, if we do it with as much integrity and fortitude that Dr. Paul has shown, would that not be a smarter move?

I guess what I am wondering, is voting for GJ to prove a point a smarter move?? You state for the poster not to "push it on everyone else", BUT I see the GJ folks pushing GJ pretty hard.

We are mourning over Ron Paul's treatment, but moreso the treatment of freedom.

Do we vote GJ cuz we are free to do so? Or do we try to develop an even better plan? Just looking for solutions that I personally can use to lay my head down and know I did the best of my ability for the day and maybe did not take the easy road (?)