Comment: All I see is total decay

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All I see is total decay

The girl is a complete idiot - dancing around - spraying silly string or whatever on cops - taunting and acting the fool. Clearly she has no respect for authority and escalating a situation like this IS a crime and for good reason - that's how riots start and innocent people get hurt.

However - just to one up her stupidity and to show HE is the kink moron on the block - a cop(A Lt. none the less)- doesn't even bother to arrest, detain, warn or anything - he just punches her in the face. Clearly this guy has some anger management issues and it is hard to believe there is not a trail of serious abuse over his "decorated" career.

There are no sides here - only two effin morons stepping on each others toes as they both try to dance the degenerate downfall of society dance.

Congratulations to both of you for having brought society down yet one more notch.

PS- I wish our gas was "only" 3.87 a gallon!!!