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Comment: I had always had suspicions

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I had always had suspicions

but I never started looking into it until about half a year ago. I really just started watching youtube videos and the puzzle pieces fit together from there.

I would recommend watching the videos of the flight patterns of the "hijacked" planes, the flight recordings revealing that flight 93 landed in Cleveland, anything pointing out the Mossad ground agents in NYC, the video of Larry Silverstien saying "pull it" [building 7], the BBC news broadcast reporting on the collapse of building 7 a half hour before it did, with the building still standing in the background of their broadcast, pictures and witness videos of the flight 93 "wreckage" in Pennsylvania (there was none to speak of nor any bodies), the one surveillance video the "plane" hitting the pentagon (obviously not a commercial airliner like was alleged) and them recovering no bodies. The list really can go on from there but those are some of the big ones to me that really revealed how much of a lie the whole official cover-story is.

If you have an hour and forty minutes, David Icke explains a lot of it well in a segment of one of his presentations: