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Comment: Instead of reporting on this article,

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Instead of reporting on this article,

...the public opinions in it and the comments, why can't we tackle the root problem.

In any group, it's easy to show that whichever system we use, corruption is the main concern. Whether it is media bias leading to popular opinion being corrupted or it is party politics pushed down from above to corrupt the EC process (as we've recently experienced), TPTB can always win because the people don't intelligently decide to stop the gaming.

I posted a solution a few weeks ago that doesn't confront the divide between EC people and anti-EC people. It merely perfects (within reason) the exit polling and merges it with the FEC reporting process. Unfortunately, it only got 2 likes and 1 comment.

I think we have to either stop idly whining about problems and coordinate some solutions or just go home and wait to get our prison job so we can eat.