Comment: Clayton Co GA Citizen's Oversight reviewing CAFR!

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Clayton Co GA Citizen's Oversight reviewing CAFR!

Don't know if you have had a chance to see this 5 minute clip: (DP link is posted below in a reply to myself), but it seems to me these guys are an example of exactly how to do what needs to be done. Looks like these brave people of Clayton County GA, have created their own oversight board to review their county's CAFR on an ongoing basis and have addressed their commissioners saying so. Appears this started in August of this year. Wonder how they are progressing...

Decided to check myself...Youtube search: Clayton County Citizens Oversight gives 5 videos from Carl Swensson, the latest being 9/18/12 and it appears that they are bringing a couple of serious charges forward to the DA.

It looks like they are doing the hard word of digging to recover their county treasure.