Comment: Isn't that the great thing about liberty,

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Isn't that the great thing about liberty,

We may disagree with each other, on well, $Hit, everything (conspiracy theories, college football teams, favorite colors, font size), but we all believe in the idea that we are free to believe these things, and that is the point that brings the movement together.

He disagrees with conspiracy theorists, so doesn't want them under the liberty tent. Isn't that the point of the movement, we are all different, but it's liberty that brings us together. Just because someone wants to believe something different then you doesn't mean he can't be in the movement.

My question is, who else do you want excluded? Also, are we now grouping people together Hunter? I thought we were all individuals, can a union worker who wants out of the union be a liberty lover? What about the fiercely religious, are they too extreme. Liberty is for everyone...ass.. (Conspiracy or not)