Comment: Unfortunately you are right

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Unfortunately you are right

In the near future of technology - the only way for average people to survive will be through a communist model of redistribution.

No matter how smart your kids are - there will be 20 or so other kids in that class that need to eat - and in the world of technology - will simply not have the pure mental capacity to be gainfully employed in the IT field. For now it will be ok - those robots still need someone of general skills or of "trade" level to keep them running and maintain them - and of course - someone has to build them - so some jobs lost will be transferred to different skills. But at some point, the scales will tip.

The main flaw with what Wicked below says is that computers CAN start learning from themselves. All learning is is experience remembered - you learn by doing and correcting as the ability to store data and process that data continues to speed ahead it will easily surpass the human brain of the average person. Deep blue today would have a camera and be able to "read" the board, read the player and would be able to be active instead of reactive.

As another post pointed out - our drones are on their way to needing no human intervention. Pandora's box has been opened.