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On the night it happened I told my family "Bush let it happen."

Sad part is, I Defended it. Thought it was a Good thing.

Towers were bombed in basement in 1993, imo to make the towers Topple. It failed, but those in charge of the buildings, the city, etc... knew it was still a target. Was also aware there was most likely help from the inside on that one too.

I think the biggest fear was that the towers would Topple, crushing all the buildings around them for several blocks.

So after the 1993 bombing, they had 7 or 8 Years to rig the buildings so they wouldn't Topple, but fall straight down. It was hush hush because... who would work in a rigged building?

I think some of the documents that Sandy Burger stole, were part of that information.

I was kinda on board at the time in the thought that we needed a "new pearl harbor" as I was thinking thoughts like "There's people out there that want to kill us and we're talking about gay marriage? WTF? I hope we get hit so people will wake up."

So the buildings were allowed to be hit, and the contingency was put into action saving lives and property by killing/destroying only those in the immediate area instead of for several blocks if the towers Toppled.

Those were some of my thougts at the time, in brief.