Comment: Perfect future for libertarians

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Perfect future for libertarians

There are so many commenters missing the big picture here. So many who can't see the forest for the trees. So many who have completely forgotten the principles of the free market we all so proudly promote here on DP.

I'm very involved with numerous companies bringing the latest technology to many different fields. These range from automating things to new machines to make everyday living much easier and less laborious. ...basically, everything being complained about in the comments below.

As a free market libertarian type (more minarchistic slanted even), I would say this is the best information we could possibly hope for.

Instead of allowing Monsanto to monopolize an industry to our demise, we may be soon able to produce our own food, our own way, locally and privately... and on a small enough scale that the government can't touch us. Picture a personal, customized aquaponics system in a box and you'll quickly see that the entire commercialized seed / farming / trucking / processing / shopping industry chain is removed from that part of the picture. Where did those jobs go? They were replaced with the self sustainability of the end customer. Ideally, that customer is now able to buy some piece of automated equipment one time and eat forever with no added expense. Who lost and who won in that trade?

Instead of paying x% premium on every product we receive from afar, maybe we will be able to in-source those products and save that x. Maybe a current trucker will trade his bank loan on a truck for a crowd-sourced loan to buy a truck robot so he can increase his profits while decreasing shipping costs.

Instead of giving so much control to big corporations who now can buy their own monopolistic laws, we could spread that corporate prosperity out among the masses so they can retire at age 30, not 72.

One past project clearly illustrates this very well. Years ago, I was confronted to make a face tracking turret firearm. So many concerns came up about control and self intelligence and liability and so on that the project was eventually scrapped. There was just too much code to write for economic feasibility. Fast forward to a couple years ago and we find kids writing Arduino code ($30 computer with open, sharable code and easy interface to any other devices) and putting it on the web. I've seen camera interface software for free with $80 hardware, face tracking code for free, motor controller s/w for free with $20 motors, gun sighting software for free and a user interface program (also free) that lets people set schedules, alarms, notifications, cell calls and texts, host web sites however they want. Basically, today that project could have done anything we dreamed of for under $250 plus the gun. The best part is that the code and the hardware are both plug and play. Very soon, all the devices will even have a standard interface like a USB port so even a soccer mom could do it.

How are "the robots" or their owners going to take over when we will probably be the owners? I'm thinking we will be putting them to work to support us both financially and other.