Comment: What I would tell her:

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What I would tell her:

"I would begin by telling the truth because that's what they want to hear. It's not about Ron Paul as much as it's Ron Paul's message, which you know the RNC in Tampa was televised, so the entire world saw the RNC disenfranchise Maine's Ron Paul delegates, changed the rules from 5 state plurality to 8, would not give Ron Paul's qualified, and elected delegates, the honor and respect, of saying 'Ron Paul' when their votes were cast, and played a tribute to Ron Paul, but refused to let him speak.

GOP committees all over the USA are very concerned about what they saw and heard from the RNC. Now, after fighting the only people in America who joined this party to restore America to constitutional government, unlike the majority who are registering Independent of Party, we are experiencing blowback, having hurt these people and silenced their message, Ron Paul's message of 'Restoring America to Constitutional Government".

What you are asking is only possible if you can convince others in the GOP that telling the truth, being transparent, opening the committee to the Ron Paul RepubliCANs message, and promising to hold Romney to Restoring the Republican Party to constitutioanal Government.

Are you willing to do that? That is what it's going to take to get some of these voters back. Some of them. So unless you are willing to stand up for them, you need to understand why they will not stand with you or for Romney."