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I am not up on all the urban lingo...

I have now looked up 'imo'....LOL! Yes Southwest is known as the "Greyhound of the skies".... they are fully aware of this label. It does not bother them, because (unlike the other Airlines)... they were set up as a LOW COST carrier from the beginning. The idea was to give people who would not normally be able to afford to fly... the freedom to fly! It is a "no frills" airline on purpose. They are no longer the cheapest in the industry... this is true (market conditions have made that near impossible), however they do not charge you for your first two checked bags... nor for your carry on! That adds up on a round trip.... so often on another carrier, when you are done with all their other up charges, and bag fees.... you end up paying the same amount or more than you would have on Southwest. Southwests fleet of aircraft are all owned by Southwest (not leased... like other carriers), and the majority of the fleet is now newer than most domestic carriers in the US (with new deliveries from Boeing every month of the 737-800... a beautiful aircraft). They are filtering out all of their older aircraft, with each new delivery... and those older ones are now in the minority. Check out their spreadsheet (nothing to be ashamed of).... they have the 'resources', and then some.
I have heard Singapore is excellent.... but they are not a domestic carrier, and are run through a completely different form of government. Also, it is like comparing a grocery store loaf of bread.... to a french bakery!!! Singapore was set up as a luxury airline... Southwest is not. I have not flown Swiss Air either (another international carrier), however I have heard nothing but complaints about them from friends and family.... mostly about their lack of leg room. (Which BTW Southwest has more leg room than all the others.... unless you are on one of the "older aircraft" that are being filtered out.). As far as 'United' goes.... when you start complementing them over Southwest... it becomes painfully obvious you more than likely had one bad employee, or experience on Southwest.. and judged the entire airline on that one experience (no doubt marching off the aircraft saying "I'll never fly this airline again!") United is the joke I am afraid.... you could not get worse service if you begged for it!!! Their motto (admitted by their own employees) is: "We're not happy, until your unhappy!" Their employees are not just apathetic, they are mean spirited.... and talk about a company treating their employees like crap.... it would be difficult to find much worse! Continental was actually a pretty decent airline until they merged with United...ask any of their employees how the merger has gone... it is anything but a positive response.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."