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I think not. Look at any war

I think not. Look at any war throughout hisotry. These numbers are incredibly low. Even considering up to 100,000 or more, for an 11 year timespan in a 'war' this number is extremely low cost in terms of lives. The point here, again, is that this 'war' needs to stop and should never have been started in the first place, BUT harping about the cost, in terms of lives, will NEVER sway anyone who has the capacity to end it.

Morally, sure, even one life ended or injured is enough for me to end the war. Realistically, there is no general anywhere who wouldn't give his left nut to have these kind of numbers. They aren't going to be motivated to recommend ending it on the basis of the number of lives lost. SO, I emplore you to try to use logic rather than emotion to implement change.

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