Comment: The market system reaching its epitome?

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The market system reaching its epitome?

Does anyone remember those obscure "movements" (like the Zeitgeist Movement) that talked about this stuff? They say that inevitably the market system won't be able to function because (this being just one reason given) automation, machine labor, machine thinking, etc., etc., will displace workers and slow/stop the money cycle.

I can see this pattern moving in the direction where the owning class of corporations and technology have a firm grip on mostly all wealth (er, or are where there already??), and people like truck drivers and other pure laborers are left competing against one another for all that's left in work and wages.

The 'structural readjustment' that's being talked about should be taken seriously in light of this. What can the market system handle? Will people work one day a week and have enough money to provide for all their needs, once human labor jobs have been displaced by non-human workers and automation?