Comment: "The problems this nation faces will not be fixed by

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"The problems this nation faces will not be fixed by

participating in sham elections."

I recently met a woman, thought we might get to be friends, we have a lot in common - an interest in aquaponics among other things. Last night she lit into my husband for having a "Ron Paul" T-shirt on, and apparently made it clear that if we don't vote for Romney she does not want to be friends. At least I found out before I got attached to her friendship, but it is pretty dismaying. The media has turned this nation into a left-right hate fest, but both sides can sure agree that we need to go kill brown people, it is the Christian thing to do.
That was her second line of query - we DO understand that we need to be at war, right?
I am glad I was not there, it would have gotten ugly. I do not play nice with warmongers anymore.
Nor do I have much use for those who think you can be a champion for liberty without being a champion for truth and justice. It is a tri-fecta, takes all three to get any one of them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.