Comment: Maybe there is more to this than we know

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Maybe there is more to this than we know

Bibi Netanyhus recent demonstration speech at the UN showed a cartoon picture of a bomb, that just does not seem to square with 21 century technology, its so 1940s. Many countries including N. Korea have atomic bombs, it would seem any sovereign country wishing to have one does. Could it be there is another technology that has been suppressed that both the US and Israel don't want released? Is there any evidence that such a technology does exist?
Maybe Keshe is a snake oil salesman, or just maybe he has stumbled over something else. Both Judy Wood and Keshe refer to Tesla, is it possible the Hutchinson effect is real?
If information was released regarding this technology, who would it hurt or benefit? What would happen if this information was released? Maybe the price of oil would crash, what would that do to the petrodollar, or the 911 investigation?