Comment: Secret Service Sat Still

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Secret Service Sat Still

I tend to think that the government discovered a plot, let it happen and possibly enhanced it to make sure it didn't fail so that it could use it as an excuse to do what has been done over the past 11 years. One of the things that struck me as odd while we were all watching the events unfold live was this; Bush, after he was given the news while at the elementary school, not only sat there for about three minutes, BUT WAS ALLOWED TO SIT THERE FOR THREE MINUTES!!! Where the hell was the Secret Service? Why didn't they wisk him away to a safe haven immediately? After all, we are supposed to believe that this was a surprise attack on the U.S., with no one knowing to what extent or how far reaching the plot. Our President was out in a public area, protected only by humans (not a missile defense system) and was able to sit there and ponder. The Secret Service should have grabbed him (even if it was against his will) and taken him to an undisclosed area. He sat there with a look on his face as if he were thinking “Oh God , our plan is really happening…we’re really doing it”. I’m just saying, I think it looked very odd. Think about when the attempt was made on Reagan. The Secret Service through him into the back of a limousine because they heard what sounded like a gun shot. There reaction was automatic. It turns out it was a gun shot, but at that moment for all they knew it could have been a car backfiring. My point is they acted immediately without second guessing. Why wouldn’t they react the same way during a live attack being broadcast on live TV? Odd.

This was the opposition to RON PAUL in 2008 and why the Media tried so hard to ignore him then. They are the same organizations that own the Media and the Banks that are responsible this election season for trying so blatantly to suppress his momentum now