Comment: Ever been told "Prohibition does not work?"

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Ever been told "Prohibition does not work?"

That is a lie. Prohibition is the best way to create an instant black market for something, and black markets are free to enjoy rapacious profits. Folks often say "Legalize and tax" but that would cut a HUGE chunk out of their revenue stream.
Of all the misguided, useless wars we fight, the "War on drugs" is the most onerous. At best, it is a war on people suffering from addiction (and offering them a lifetime Rx for pharmaceuticals is NOT helpful) and at worst it is a profiteering racket, one that preys on vulnerable people and turns all of society against them. But it fills the prisons-for-profit with nice, laid back hippies rather than scary violent criminals.
For folks who want a "Christian" nation, there is sure a lot of neighbor-hate.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.