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Here is how I would handle

Here is how I would handle it. Tell her listen I am not sure there is anything you can do however in the interest of working together I would be willing to sit down with you and explain in detail why I am not voting for Romney based on facts and track record not media sound bytes, Then you can analyze my reasoning and if you can come up with any reasonable valid reasons why I am wrong I will consider your side.

And then tell her I need to qualify that with I am a prolific researcher and do not just take peoples word for it I need to verify things with facts evidence reason and logic. So if you are willing to do that I will work with you.

If she agrees this may give you the opportunity to educate her on the facts instead of being confrontational. You could even do it through email with her that way you can send her videos and evidence of your points that she can look at her own pace. I would not hold out much hope she will last long but you never know...

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