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Thank you for your rebuttal

So far, your comment is the only one that addresses the content of his post. So, yes, I did make an assumption, based upon the the other comments that the majority of negative votes were due to the length of the article. If I am wrong, thank you for correcting me.

I don't know Al from a sack of potatoes. Based upon the details in his post, and his use of certain phrasing, I got the impression he is no shrinking violet or Sunday School teacher. Since you seem to be in the know, let me ask you a couple questions. You mention that he has had the police called on him on a couple occasions. Actually, if you read his post, he mentions this, so yes, I did know that. You need not give details, but were you referring to these same instances he mentions or were you referring to other occasions?
You say he used vile language against some really patriotic ladies. Once again, Al mentions using rough language directed at certain women. Are these the patriotic ladies to whom you are referring, or was it different women than those mentioned by Al?
I only ask this because if these actions you use to denigrate Al, and maybe rightfully so, are the same ones Al included in this post, then it becomes obvious that you did not read it either, and I stand by all my comments. Intellectual honesty dictates that if you are going to vote down a post, please take the time to actually read the post. Otherwise your negative vote is nothing more than an ad hominem attack. Peace.