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You are very lucky if you have a gold miners option

Most plans, including the one I'm stuck in, have <10 options that read something like this:

Super-risky large company stocks
other super-risky large company stocks
even riskier medium-sized company stocks
ridiculously risky small company stocks
mix of small, med. and large cap stocks that's somwhere between super and ridiculously risky
a fund that buys long bonds ("safe". HA!)
another fund that buys bonds
a foreign stocks fund ("Look at us, we DO give you options!")
a money market fund

My hypothesis is that the USG will use the next big market crash as an excuse to hold 401k's upside down and shake them. It won't be through outright taking the money out of the 401k though, it will be through requiring a certain % to be allocated to long bonds, which they will claim to be the safest investment. I wouldn't be surprised if the money market option is taken away as well.