Comment: Never will I vote for Romney or Obama

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Never will I vote for Romney or Obama

they are the same!
Obama and Romney are the SAME

RNC cheated stole the nomination

Ballot Box Switcheroo?

Ron Paul's Maine Delegates Stand Strong Against Corrupt RNC
7 of them soldiers!Listen to what Maine is saying!

6 States Officially Submitting Their Ron Paul Nomination Forms to the Secretary of the RNC *PROOF*

Ben Swann On The DNC Ron Paul Moment - Grassroots Blowback Is Coming

CORRUPTION at 2012 RNC - North Carolina Chairman Robin Hayes Intimidates Delegates Over Rule 16

The MSM has BLACKED OUT this press conference in support of the RNC cheating. Make this go VIRAL NOW, so the message of the Grassroots Republicans can be heard LOUD AND CLEAR!!

War breaks out at La. GOP convention

GA GOP Chair complains that State's delegates aren't "unified", tries to bully Ron Paul delegates

I will be writing Ron Paul in!I will not vote for anyone else!Romney should be disqualified as Republican candidate and Ron Paul should take his place!