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There is nothing Romney or the GOP can do to sway me to vote for him. The best thing for Romney to do is to step down as the GOP nominee, endorse Ron Paul and let the National GOP give the republican nomination to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only man that can beat President Obama this 2012 election. Romney has very minimal chance defeating Obama in the upcoming Presidential debates.

Romney has lost the trust and respect of many grass root supporters within our own GOP. Romney has no chance of winning a fair and honest election. If he succeeds in winning the Presidential election it will be by means of voter fraud and/or manipulation of voting machines. We’ve seen what happened at our own state GOP caucuses and primaries in this country and at our GOP convention in Tampa.

Romney can’t win this Presidential race fairly or honestly without our support. Shame on Romney and his campaign and the Republican National GOP for alienating Ron Paul and his delegates in Tampa. Blowback!