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You're assuming Abortion is a key issue...

For a bunch of us, it's not. I honestly don't care one way or another, and yet I'm a HUGE supporter of Ron Paul.

In most of the other issues, Gary Johnson, who is running and on the ballot on 47+ states, is pretty close to Ron Paul, who isn't running and whose write-ins won't be counted.

I am a Republican and I will definitely be voting for Gary Johnson. And I'm sure tons of other Ron Paul fans are as well. I respect people's right to vote for whomever they want, but writing in Ron Paul is not pushing the Liberty movement forward whatsoever, whereas voting for Gary Johnson has a real potential to help promote Liberty. It's not about the Man, it's about the Message - Ron Paul has said that hundreds of times - and voting for Gary Johnson helps promote the Message - writing in Ron Paul does not.

If you could somehow guarantee that the national number of Ron Paul write-in votes were counted and then read on television, then you might have a case that you're "making a statement", but I guarantee you they will not count them and definitely won't announce the numbers. Not a snowballs chance in hell, unless maybe the Romney campaign wants to scape-goat the Ron Paul supporters when Romney gets crushed. And that kind of scapegoating will not help the Liberty movement either, it'll only hurt it.

So in my eyes, voting for Gary Johnson is the only thing that makes sense. If Ron or Rand run again in 2016, I will be 110% behind them, as I was this year, but neither one of them is running or on the ballot, so we need to concentrate on what will move the message forward!