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Wait. I'm an IT professional too, but it's hardly relevant. More relevant, IMO, is to believe in free markets and :

1. unpredictable human creativity
2. unpredictable human tastes and endeavors

On the other (evil) hand, planners, such as communists or central banking globalists, DO want to put entire peoples / nations, or the entire society in their secret spreadsheets. Seeing everybody (but themselves) as COMMODITIES, in their enslavement plans, by very definition. Free markets based on demand / supply and free individuals' endeavors, the corner stone of the United States of America's foundations, make for the exact opposite of that horror.

Information technology not only is very young but also isn't everything, and by far : we still rely on crops and animals to feed ourselves. We still rely on energy resources to relieve our own labor. We still rely on the blessings of nature for many things of our daily lives. If or when the SHTF, people who didn't see it coming at all and took no precaution for themselves in actual money for instance (silver or gold) won't care much any longer in getting the latest app or funny/random game of hype for their smart phone... they'll be much more concerned with how to keep food coming on their table. So, they might hold on to their devices, but that'll likely be for useful, non procrastination apps that time around...

The CFR and other Agenda 21 proponents / U.N. planners, confessing it or not, want to enslave us by forcing onto people group thinking, managed planning of people groups, and with a divide-and-conquer large scale propaganda and/or dumbing down.

A.k.a., "Give them bread and circuses."

This is because those planners, disgrace to humanity and the ENEMIES of free will, have always been craving for oligarchical privileges, with bureaucratic behaviors as they DO NOT produce nor innovate in anything : they are parasites.

I cannot do much more than to warmly recommend listening again to Ayn Rand, who had seen it all coming, with her words of wisdom, especially in her earlier life than later :


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