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From an Okie who was there

I can say that I am not as informed on the in-depth information and do not care to read all of this 40 page "Al's love letter to himself." I know that he has done some great things for the liberty movement and I enjoy reading his Sooner Tea Party newsletter on a regular basis (yes, even the articles depicting our state senator as a homeless bum, our state chairman as bozo the clown and one of the okpac leaders as charleysaurus) but I have to say it is Al's manner of dealing with things and probably not his character that should be under scrutiny. I know too many people who do not like him because of how he treats people. I do not have a personal problem with Al myself but can say this:

1. At the state convention on Friday night, we were doing a pretty good job winning people to our side about the broken rules in the executive committee until Al stood up and started speaking. You could see the people immediately shut off because of how abrasive he is.

2. If Kaye Beach decides someone is not doing right by the campaign I would take a closer look, like Al says, she is a good person, and from everything I have seen is a great advocate for the liberty movement and a good judge of character.

3. The Fish family, for any faults they may have, have been some of the hardest working people in this state for the liberty movement, and leave their religion out of the political conversations. They believe in that whole "freedom of religion" thing we all hear so much about...

That being said, there is always a place for an attack dog, and there is always a place for a leader of people, and those are usually not the same place.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
― Thomas Jefferson