Comment: Be honest with her and tell her she can't. There is nothing she

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Be honest with her and tell her she can't. There is nothing she

can do or say that will sway us.

We are no longer asleep. We vote on principle. It is the only thing we have left and no amount of persuasion can convince us to go against what we KNOW to be right.

Romney is wrong. He is wrong for America. He is wrong for Liberty.

Tell her she can't do anything to convince us or sway us because she can not convince us that Romney is even in the slightest, marginally better than Obama. We believe that the nation most likely will not survive four years of EITHER one. Thus, there is no advantage in our eyes, of voting for Romney.

Let her know, the main reason she can't convince us, is because we have broken free of falsely believing we only have a choice between Poop Soup and a Turd Sandwich. We know we have other real, non-disgusting options on our menu, and we are going to be choosing one of those instead.

Let her know that ANY headway she can make in getting any RP supporter to believe Romney is marginally better, might just be fuel to prod them to vote for Obama. Why? Because we know Romney is going to continue Obama's policies for the most part. (99.9% of them) We also know, that the nation will go back to sleep, from what little bit of being awake they may have managed, once a Republican is back in the White House.

For the things that matter - monetary, fiscal, and foreign policy - for our immediate future - Romney is NOT going to make them better, he's going to make them worse, but because he'll be at the helm, people will allow him to do so, and claim that his "solutions" are better than Obama's.

In short, if Romney is only marginally better than Obama, then we're better off in the long run with more Obama as that will be more likely we'll swing the pendulum to real solutions rather than platitudes and false promises.

Be honest with her. Tell her YOU could not do or say anything to sway or convince or persuade RP supporters to vote for Romney, and thus it would be impossible for her to do so. And any attempt by her will more likely result in those people voting for Obama instead of Gary Johnson or some other candidate, or even staying home - in an effort to "bring it on" or "collapse the system" and set us up for a real revolution down the road.

Tell her the best thing that could happen, is for RP to get a huge amount of write-ins (legitimate and counted ones) and for Johnson and Goode and others to get 5% or more of the vote in several states, even nationwide, to show that Romney has been rejected, and that the only solution to socialism is not corporatism, but Liberty. The way to defeat a bad incumbent is not to be only marginally better, but diametrically opposed to him and his policies.

America will suffer immensely under either Obama or Romney, there is no doubt. There is also little doubt we will move towards a more real solution to our problems after four more years of Obama, than with Romney.

Finally, let her know that if the nation suffers four more years of Obama, that is not our fault. That is her's for voting for Romney.

In the vein of the analogy above, if we all have to eat Poop Soup, it is not the fault of those who voted to eat Chicken Salad. It's the fault of those who voted to eat Poop Soup and Turd Sandwiches.

Had those who opted for Chicken Salad, instead chosen the Turd Sandwich, then we'd all be eating Turd Sandwiches. And who thinks THAT is any better than Poop Soup?

Why can't the morons who are stuck on Poop Soup and Turd Sandwiches instead choose Chicken Salad, or Shrimp Linguine, or the Prime Rib?