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Comment: I can only speak for myself but ..

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I can only speak for myself but ..

I did assume that whoever this person is - the Romney supporter - has already been approached with the facts:

- Our money is worthless paper, learn about the Fed. Printing money will lead to a currency collapse and hyperinflation.

- These wars are not making us safer, they are endless and corrupt

- The US is a Republic, not a democracy and the Rule of Law is perverted

- The US is now a global Corporate Empire, and both of the mainstream candidates support that

- There is not essential difference between them.

IF she doesn't already know any of this, by all means I would say "give it your best shot"

But the OP phrased her post in a way that suggests "this person knows all of that and still supports Romney. NOW what do I say when she asks me to vote for him?

In which case the individual in question is probably too dense and far gone to get it.

They *actively* SUPPORT Romney, and try and sell people on him.

Really?? That in itself shows they have a head full of rocks.

This is where my attitude about it is coming from. Cant speak for anyone else