Comment: Jack is completely right

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Jack is completely right

I held several sign waves here in Ohio, and at each on of them a group of supposed "paul supporters" showed up with their "9/11 Truth" shirts and their "Bilderberg" handouts. It alienates people. And I find it truly amazing that most of you on DP like to 'purge' those that you dont like, aka Rand, Jack, Benton, etc., but when us rational Paul supporters fight back and state the obvious (that conspiracy theorists hurt our chances of becoming 'mainstream'), you real Paultards yell and scream and say we're not REAL libertarians.....even though, deep inside, you conspiracy-types aren't a libertarian at all, with your hatred towards business and corporations.

As for 2016, i thought it made some very valid points. Some were very neoconservative in nature, but the underlying truth is that leftists and Barack Obama do feel that the first world "owes" something to the third world.