Comment: Some interesting history about the Opium Wars

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Some interesting history about the Opium Wars

We would be FOOLS to think that controlling the poppy plants/opium production and sales in Afghanistan was just a small perk that came along with us bombing their country.

Yes the economy needed a war, yes Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld wanted to loot the public purse, yes the taliban refusing to let unical run a pipeline though Afghanistan pissed of Bush and Cheney, yes, the war on terror and the national emergency state that we are STILL under to this day...allows the executive branch to rule like a tyrant, suspend the constitution, and ignore congress, BUT as the clip below indicates, the criminal enterprizes known as Britian, China Russia, and the US Corp...they ALL have been taking turns being the biggest dog on the block (so to speak) when it comes to dealing illegal drugs.

The opium is not just used on the black market. Big Pharma gets to use it to make great pain drugs for the global elite.

The clip is part 3 of an alternate theory behind 9/11 but this clip deals mostly with the opioum trade and gives some history behind it. You can research anything you might question about the clip for verifcation. I did and I found nothing incorrect.

If you find it intresting...take the time to find all 9 parts. (I know it says 3 of 4 but there are 9) The theory of who, what and why 9/11 happened is pretty convincing. It certainly appears that they have put a lot of time and effort into reseraching it,