Comment: Keyes is more Conservative Than Libertarian

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Keyes is more Conservative Than Libertarian

Alan Keyes is an interesting fellow. He can eloquently discuss Liberty at length, but tends to conclude Conservative solutions.

For example, a Libertarian mindset is that we are free people, able to enjoy our Liberty in a manner as we see fit, as long as we don't harm others. It is antithetical for us to seek government permission, justification, or acceptance for how we choose to exercise our Liberty.

A Conservative mindset looks at this kind of freedom and thinks, "Well, we can't have someone do [blank], because [blank] is bad for them (or bad for society's morals) and therefore we should use the power of government to prevent [blank]." Fill in the [blank] with your favorite illegal vice - prostitution, gay marriage, smoking marijuana, gambling, etc...

Take Keye's discussion on the war on drugs found here:

He discusses how the war on drugs is an anti-Liberty position, and on that he and I agree. However, his conclusion is that we need drug laws because people only want to use drugs because people are weak and immoral. On that conclusion, he sounds suspiciously like Rick Santorum and other Conservative minded crusaders of morality. Conservatives are quick to wag their fingers and seek government solutions to what they deem as moral shortcomings.

It's a shame, because Keyes is very eloquent and would be a great spokesman for Liberty, but for his penchant for control on issues he deems moral failures instead of exercises in Liberty and personal freedom.

That's why I'm a Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporter, and not an Alan Keyes or Rick Santorum supporter.

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