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Comment: For parallel's sake.

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For parallel's sake.

> but I have to say it is Al's manner of dealing with things and probably not his character that should be under scrutiny.

I don't know any of these people involved. But if, if ... I were to believe that it is how Al deals with things, I see a parallel to that.

We have an individual in our area. Met Rothbard, studied? at Mises, author, a very smart individual. Very smart. However, folks just can't warm to him. He once mentioned of why people follow another local person and called him a cult of personality. I disagreed and told him the people follow him because, - he is warm.

Now we have had a few individuals here on the DP speak pretty heavily on just following whoever is in charge. They don't seem to put into account that a leaders personality can make or break strategy. There are leaders but if their personna just does not work for a particular situation, things cannot go on the way they are.

Al, I am not going at you. I am just trying to put some info out there to help for the future. Locally, for me, we have our share of problems just at the grassroots level. And some of it is due to leadership and those taking on that role.