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All well thought out...but...

your logic stands on assumptions for which there is no evidence. Rioting and anarchy in the face of massive draconian force are easily quelled and all things government, as of late, show a distinct, non-theoretical preparation for push-back to something.

After all, the purchase of millions of hollow points for agencies that shouldn't be armed...or certainly not with hollow points...and the militarization of those that have traditionally been armed..bodes ill tidings in our future.

Further...see Argentina's history concerning retirement accounts. I'd guess that in the US, once again the markets will flow into troubled volatile waters the likes of which we haven't seen volatile that, retirement accounts will receive a 50%-70% haircut before its done.

As this is, for those enacting it, a zero sum game, there will be winners and losers...but all winners will be stash their gains in the ownership of commodities which of course are the means of production for world markets. These commodities will then be put to work or utilized elsewhere. The 1% who enacted this highly planned debacle will again...not suffer a lick...they'll get richer (and hopefully so will I).

Joe Hamburger, in true American fashion, will be pleading with the government to do "something" about those Wall Street Vultures...vultures that will be defined and the very Media they own...but most of them will be gone...with title to their commodities and as citizens of the world.

In will sweep the governmental "Munchian converters"...saving Joe Hamburger, and his previously perfectly happy "quieting" the markets at their new low levels and by taking his retirement accounts and turning them into government annuities...or such...for the good of the Nation and for the good of the poor individual victim. No prosecution or investigation will be in evidence since we all know, the markets are random and unforeseeable....and given that a bastardized Galt's Gulch will exist in...oh I dunno...Dubai?...Paraguay?....Costa Rica/Honduras?

Metals will be up for confiscation and the use of them forbidden in legal commerce. This will in turn drive a massive black market in metals denominated goods and services thereby increasing the need for and power of a truly draconian police state.

Watch...for this is the true history governments in collapse...and there won't be crap you can do about it if you are still here at the time.

Conspiracy Theory? Not in my eyes.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?