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Comment: I completely agree with you.

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I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you.

Increasing the number, importance, or magnitude of menial tasks to be performed by captive labor, more numerous and "dumbed down", only profits the PLANNERS who CONTROL, REGULATE, and FEED on the same labor ... while, themselves, produce NOTHING but misery by NECESSARILY sub optimal AND unjust redistribution of wealth/private property (when not downright denied).

This is precisely by going away from hard, captive labour that the lever of man's natural inventivity is BEST USED by whoever is willing to take more risks (in any extent), for oneself, to create MORE OPPORTUNITIES for creativity and the inception of NEW BUSINESSES and/or NEW MARKETS or NEW WAYS TO IMPROVE on the legacy, or even new consumer needs, FOR ONESELF AND OTHERS, rewarding the same who fulfill them first and best, thru entrepreneur minds. Hence : better chances of prosperity by free markets and fair competition. Where losers, ideas or people, lose, and where winners win.

And the thing is : with true LIBERTY, since No Man is an Island, no one is doomed to always be a loser, with compassionate, familiar communities around (unless everybody else has to hate you for some good reason).

Marx's ill-logics (and, I suspect, PURPOSEDLY MADE), or fallacy, was to PUT and TO CHALLENGE/OVERTHROW EVERYTHING he would consider on one side ONLY of the balance : the ownership of the means of production.

He carefully OMITTED, DISREGARDED that man's intrinsic value, BEFORE and BEYOND any ownership of any means of production, is AS MUCH IMPORTANTLY found in the scarcity of one's skills at a given POINT IN TIME (and location), and as measured by the demand / supply laws of the market; in other words : one's own skills, knowledge, and discovery endeavors potential, acquired by PAST experience, efforts, and risk taking, including successes AND failures (and personal tastes of course).

The plan, of course, was for him (and today's Globalists) to propose the central planners' "solution" (to the FALSELY single "problem" of the ownership of the means of production).

The infamy and deception of which "solution" we know ALL TOO WELL, still 100 years later.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius