Comment: I've said this over and over

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I've said this over and over

We have GOT to STOP funding our enslavement and allowing TPTB to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to spy on us. Somebody has GOT to start a peaceful non-compliance movement that has lawyers involved with legal documents that proclaim "we the people" are not trying to avoid paying our taxes or break any laws. However, the American people are being abused beyond Orwells worst nightmare and we have no other choice than to choke off the money spigot!

To the commenter below that said it can be used against the people in DC. HA! That's what waviers and exemptions are for. They draft up as many waviers and exemptions as they do unconstitutional laws.

I'm 49 and this makes smoke come out of my ears. But what REALLY gets my blood boiling is that my 22 year old daughter is going to around long after I'm gone and I just CAN'T leave her in such a perverted totalitarian Police State. If "we the people" don't come up with some solutions pretty soon....I'm going to be sneaking across the south border where all the drug cartels call home...SO THAT I CAN EXPERIENCE so sense of privacy and freedom.