Comment: No, not bitter

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No, not bitter

Merely stating a fact:

"You were not educated enough about the Constitution and Bill of Rights to understand the one person (Dr Paul) who actually stood for them

You were too arrogant to listen to the people who were trying to educate you about things you did not want to hear

You were too gullible to jump on the bandwagon of a man who has no principles, no integrity, and no record of standing for the ideals you say you believe in and are fighting for.

You are now supporting and campaigning for a man that cannot be trusted for anything other than the fact that he will be almost identical the the man you are trying to defeat, in every single way that is destroying your freedoms, your prosperity, your peace and your country

We tried to warn you. And now you want me to do ... what??"

That's not bitter.

Disgusted sure. But I will talk to those that have the ears and sense to listen and engage me.

Not those that are so dense, that none of what I said will make a damn difference. People that are bubbleheaded parrots, that squack out lines heard on TV ... from Hannity ... or Savage ... or Rush .. or Beck ..?