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I understand

And in reality, I am not - or at least, do my best not to be - so impatient with people that I don't try a variety of ways to get them to see what's going on.

In all honesty I am surprised lately how many people DO have some idea of what's going on ... they DO respond with something of substance when I bring up the topics (in one way or another) that we address on here every day on this forum.

However there is a certain variety of modern day "conservative" (emphasize quotes) - that are so brainwashed, so gullible, and so ill informed its like talking to a wall.

Anyone at this point - if they are actively supporting Romney and trying to get others to back him? By default they fall into that category.

There is no way to reach the majority of those people at this point, in my opinion. Or - at the very least - I'm definitely not the guy to do it.