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There are two ways to steal wealth:

1) Inflation. This always works for the politician because they can blame everyone else in the world and people are too dumb to know.
2) Theft.

They will NEVER take outright someone's nest egg. You would have to be insane to think they can go up to retirees... who, yes, don't understand the inflation... whose butts they are kissing right now, and they are so fearful of saying the wrong thing about Medicare to... and tell them.. you know what... we're going to take your money and manage it...

You could at one point in time have seen it in govt annuities, as you say. When there was less information on them, when they were less prevalent, when it was someone else 'hoarding gold.' You don't understand the mindset of a retiree clearly. Savings is their lifeline. No politican starts a program that may cost them their jobs; they would leave a choice to keep their money.