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I guess that would be the PURE faith...

...our founders had in the Creator...that resulted in their receipt of WISDOM for their humility ...

From John Locke to Noah Webster to John Jay to Benjamin Rush and countless others that actually studied the scriptures, and their PREACHERS who joined them in the revolution to throw off tyranny disguised/insulated by FAKE Christianity.

Ron Paul has that faith too - he would never run on that platform, but he didn't get as wise as he is without his Baptist-leaning biblical instruction - IMO

See, this movement is RIGHT in it's economic and liberty arguments on so many levels - but - the fact that we want to heap to ourselves celebrity loudmouths, media personalities who, have NOT the discernment/knowledge/understanding/committment/willingness to sacrifice of our founders - ATHEISTS even(and are now irrelevant), as well as Christian cult-supporters is SAD.

I am willing to mention these things as a lay man; too bad it's divisive; but, after stripping off all the dross or veneer - TRUST is the issue ... and I cannot trust any of these men when I detect self-servedness in their peppered/promoted/well-timed appearances - and - the sudden rise and applause they get, as people IGNORE not their shortcomings, but their lack of understanding and research in their purported "principles" and their origin.

I am supposed to promote the Gospel - before idolatry - and the nation we want restored is an idol IF it is not founded upon the bedrock of truth and the Creator's blessing, as it was when we threw off the parent government the first time.

I will not unite in ERROR for the sake of some temporary fleeting "freedom"; I want our God-given liberties PROTECTED, and if all these professing Christian moralists and atheists DON'T KNOW who the God of our founders is, well, that's a BIG negative for me.

The fervor for getting Ron Paul the nomination is passed - and I have decided it is my calling to challenge MORE thoughts than just the same old stuff we WANT to hear, that marginalizes us.

Sorry - there are other things to study, deeper still; despite the fever pitch that we're getting scammed by a two party system of lesser of two evils. Nothing is more evil than a man be deceived by other professing moralist Judeo-Christian preachers, evangelists, university professors, conseravtives and constitutionalists, and losing his own soul to an eternity in hell because he TRUSTED what other people said about the Creator and His demands upon His creation in exchange for the opportunity to enjoy his/her guaranteed liberties - instead of going directly to the Creator for an answer.

Proverbs 28:2 For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof - we just don't believe we have TOO BIG of a government because WE HAVE SINNED against the Creator, do we? The laws of Nature and Nature's God??? anyone?????

Why did Alan Keyes LOSE the Constitution Party's nomination to Chuck Baldwin in 2008 - anyone know?