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Religious freedom?


Thanks for reading the newletter. I'm not bashing what you said, just replying to clarify some issues.

If you don't read the rebuttal then you really are missing the explantions of much of what you state as a concern. We don't attack anyone except those that are stealing our liberty or our tax money, there must be a constructive reason for raking them over the coals. Again, this is confrontational politics as Dr. Paul has taught in C4L and it works like a charm. Politics is a bloody fist fight, it is what we do instead of killing each other in power struggles. It isn't pretty but if we don't expose the crooks then there will never be justice and good government.

At the state convention executive meeting on that Friday night I was holding a proxy from my state senator and speaking in his place. The email that I tried to get into the record and have read was the 1st district chairman admitting that they were at "war" with the Ron Paul Republicans. Matt Pinnell took one look at it then refused to allow me to speak further. The email was given to me by a county GOP chairman that is a mole the Tea Party has in the RINO camp.

Kaye Beach is a decent person but again you speak without reading the rebuttal. She has no stomach for a fight but read the account where she has always told people that the first moment she met me at a meeting she was both a little scared and she knew that they needed me at the next state convention to avoid being ran over by the GOP. She has told many, many, people about that. Despite her instinctive understanding that I could be very useful, despite her intimate knowledge of how we were treated in 2008 and how we were being treated since, she just didn't have the strenght of her convictions to stand to see the fight.

Again read the blasted rebuttal, Kirk Shelly had been a member of our Tea Party meetup for a year or so before he recruited me and knew exactly what I was like and how useful, how neccessary that trait would be. He told Richard Engle in his email that the young ones would go easy at the convention and that I would not. He mentioned that despite mutiple burglaries of my home and business, political in nature including the theft of the Tea Party records in May of 2011, he had never seen me waver.

The Fish family as being for religioius freedom? You saw the card on the last newsletter, the one that you read today with Charleysaurus in it. Here is a link to the front of the business card that the Fish family hands out and Darwin Fish himself gave me that card. Attacking almost all the churches in existance is hardly religous freedom! Picketing churches is hardly religious freedom!

The state senator/homeless bum was a parody piece we did during a tight race between the senator and one of our candidates. He senator had just had his house repossesed after a long court battle, our point was that he shouldn't be handling finances for the state and the rest of us if he couldn't pay his own bills.

The state GOP chairman bozo picture was where we took an article that the state chairman did criticizing Obama for failed leadership when the GOP chairman had two years of the state refusing to follow the GOP party platform despite having a 35% to 70% margin at the legislature and ALL of the state officers including the Governor as Republicans.

The OCPAC leader is a hard Christian right religious bigot and continually apologizes for the RINOs. He endorsed Obama Care Health Insurance Exchanges until we and a few other groups slapped him around. The article refered to was the OCPAC leader wondering why the states largest newspaper called us "anti business" and was wondering why they were attacking us. He also stood up for me personally on the anti business charge calling me a hard working successful businessman that has never shown any evidence of being anti business, just anti corrupt business and anti corporate welfare.

I appreciate your willingness and ability to see the need for an attack dog but it is your lack of understanding the real nature of politics that prevents you from understanding why the Ron Paul campaign wanted me so bad that Sandy Crosnoe's threat to file an FEC charge against Dr. Paul didn't prevent them from appointing me. THEY believed that the job description called for an attack dog, the Ron Paul volunteers shouldn't have needed a warm and fuzzy leader to follow. This was a rapid mobilization in a very hostile political situation and they wanted someone that would stand up for Dr. Paul's volunteers.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back