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very true

Thanks for the reasoned input.

In a long term situation I would completely agree that a warm and fuzzy leader is a great asset. But there should have been no strategy involved, we had what, six, eight weeks to put contact voters, get our people past the GOP gatekeepers, and the biggest threat they knew we faced was the GOP screwing us over. Remember that one of their top men, Kirk Shelly, lives in OKC. He was gets all of our newsletters and knows what is going on here. Again if you read the rebuttal Kirk was pleasantly surprised I accepted the position as when asked he said I wouldn't take it because of the work I was doing statewide.

If you read the rebuttal you know that I agreed to bring in two of the ones that ultimately attacked me, Kaye Beache and Porter Davis, and this was actually Kaye's idea! She was wanting to run the public face of the national campaign, to serve as a cushion between the long term RP volunteers and me. She had actually always done this at the Sooner Tea Party, I jokingly called myself her meat puppet when she would get online and explain what I meant to say in a forum post.

And what stopped Kaye and Porter from running the Oklahoma Ron Paul Campaign newsletter? Read the rebuttal, it will sicken you to realize just how some of these people are.

And I tried to recruit nearly all of the grassroots leaders early on, most refused to take county coordinator positions where they could be that well known and warm and fuzzy leader while I kept the GOP off our necks.

I know you aren't going at me but you are blaming me for things that I desparately tried to implement but they did their best to blackball me from even before I was appointed! They refused to serve as the warm and fuzzy face of the campaign!

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back