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Thank you, bear, for that Iserbyt talk.

No, I did not. I've heard of Iserbyt's book but just never looked into it. But after listening to that video, you can be sure I'll be checking it out now. I can't *believe* how many points she touched on where I've come to the same conclusion or had the same concern. The big difference is, until recently, I've just felt the education system was SO BAD it's almost "as if" we were trying to do things the wrong way; she knows - with an insider's perspective - WE ARE. (It's only more recently that I've begun to suspect that things just couldn't possibly be this bad by accident. But while I was aware of the U.N. getting involved in our education system, I thought it was primarily left-leaning socialist propaganda. It's far more insidious. (I'm very concerned about this global curriculum being adopted by virtually all states via the National Governors' Association.) One person below mentioned Iserbyt's name. Another linked her book. I wish they'd gone into more of where she was coming from. Well, you've now done that. Have you read the book yet?

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