Comment: I posted this below as a reply and decided to repost it here.

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I posted this below as a reply and decided to repost it here.

I am a trader. And I can tell you, not only are the markets not "random" they are readable to a very precise degree...if you know what to look for. But very few people know what to look for.

Nothing moves the markets but "Big Money" in collusion...which is how Congress Critters become so freakin' wealthy after receiving a carved coconut in the mail...and which is why you see what the "financial people" will call "the business cycle". Understanding this surface information, you might see that collusion of "Big Money" can inflate or deflate any sector of the any time they please...thus the "cycling".

All of the money "lost" in 1987, 2000, 2007...and soon...was not, and will not be lost. Big Money created a bubble and dumped their positions in equity sectors at the top of the rise...further shorting once they had emptied their hands and in initiating the fall.

But the Funds their minions and other lessers operate on your behalf...those were the entities buying for you in the wonderful bull market...and even more at the exuberant top. Those who are so large and cumbersome that any movement or decision once the trouble starts, is slow and ineffective...and draining. Well, they are the ones that will be losing your money.

In the beginning,when Big Money is ready, they short heavily into the markets, having set themselves into position before the fall, and as they reap downside gains, they cause alert bull-traders to start taking profit by unloading their positions, and the fall begins to gain momentum.

The pedal is pushed down further by Big Money short selling more, joined by alert traders, and connected Funds. Then, like clock work, "fire" is yelled in the theaters of CNBC and their ilk, wherein the lesser funds begin unloading in increasing speed to get to cash first. Then the progression works its way down the food chain swallowing your money.

In the interim and multiple times, downside profit taking is initiated whereas Big Money begins to buy...just enough to slow then halt the drop...and to quell fears a little...wherein they get the attention of the market reading traders and lesser Funds (as well as the connected Funds who help stop the fall) buying a bit and the market seems to want to move up.

Buying what you ask? Why the stocks Big Money and the connected Funds (the ones you can't buy into) just bought at the bottom..until their hands, and then the connected Funds hands are empty again...wherein they load up their short position again, stop stepping on the gas pedal, roll down the window and scream "fire" again.

This process continues numerous times until "the market" has dropped to a predetermined level...and then Big Money and their minions step in and buy all of these equities at a FIRE SALE since there are NO buyers to be found. Look at March 9, 2009 and the associated volume for some understanding of this.

My friends, money in the market does not disappear, it changes hands...then it disappears out of one sector and into another predetermined sector...which is at its bottom...or it's taken elsewhere in the form of cash or commodities.

When this process starts happening by massive daily lurches...what do you think happens to the people who actually watch their money? Call them the "educated" 401K owner...I'll tell you...they try and get to cash...dumping everything just to get off the field...or out of a house they see burning. The Funds do the same, only slowly as not to cause too great a burden on price, which still doesn't work...only they get paid either way.

If Big Money so desires, they can make this thing so painful and scary that far more people start "watching" their money and calling their broker or financial planner and demanding a flight to cash. Given what I've said, what do you think this does?

Now we have a government out of money, losing its reserve currency status, and unable to do anything to finance itself but print more money that the rest of the world eventually won't take in payment for goods and services. if this doesn't settle down for a long period, and if the haircut is great enough...what do you think the public outcry will be? Especially in the face of rising prices resulting from Stock Market winners buying up all of the "stuff" that will take dollars, all of the Petro dollars from around the world...that now can only be spent in America will compete for your goods and services driving prices through the roof, and in the face of job lay-offs? And what happens to uneducated fixed-income retirees? They begin to clamor...and loudly.


So how does the government save you? They make a "deal" with you that you can't refuse, they take your retirement money and turn it into a government backed "tax-free" security, paid as an annuity or some other inane help the country and "Get America Back To Work".

And you, Joe Hamburger will feel safe and they then spend YOUR retirement money...until they can't anymore because it's gone. And those in Washington who caused/allowed all of this will resign in disgust over their colleague's stupidity...retiring to a life of comfort ensured by Big Money in some far off, out of your clutches land. And a new band of thieves, proffered by the criminals, will come forth and promise to save you...and return America to its greateristerer status in all da world.

All politicians start "programs" based on their benefactors desires and the golden parachute that awaits them. And you can't touch them afterward as you typicality asked for it.

As to the minions...the tools and weapons of their murderous financial operations who no one would blame things on. Well lots of things...ever hear of "The Circuit"? Its a place where a person can give speeches for 60,000 to 150,000 or more per engagement, corporations...or colleges with large endowments (or government stipends) on subjects like "leadership"...."military might" name it they talk about it and get paid big bucks... in reward for their "playing days".

There are quite a few generals walking around right now who have never held an MIC job since retiring that are far more wealthy than you'd believe. Not hard doing 4 speeches a week at $150,000 a pop...for as long as they want to keep talking about their days in the desert. The same goes for political appointees and other big wigs you think want to "keep their jobs". They are the disgusted ones who "quit their jobs in the face of corruption" and parade around and point fingers at untouchables.

I understand the mindset of retirees they are the last fish left in the holey barrel after the gun smoke clears...and who have no power what-so-ever to affect this criminal paradigm. They have been led to understand that removing their cash from the paying field will "cost them"...trained like Pavlovs dogs to avoid taxes...and as oblivious as kindergardeners to the piranhas swimming in their kiddy pool and about to eat their legs off.

I'm sorry my friends you need to wake up now and look around at your financial positioning before its too late. Or you can return to this post in a year and wish you were't so knowledgable. Personally, I don't think you have anywhere near a year...but that's just me, and what do I know? I'm just another schmuck posting on a Conspiracy Theorist laden blog.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?