Comment: Up to Speed?

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Up to Speed?

Bearing Liberty

It can be seen as two paths.

Monopoly, Crime made Legal, Might is a lie that claims to be Right, and POWER is consumed as Rats, who were given the gift of life as a human being, consume each other fighting over the steadily diminishing supply of RAT food: slaves to a blind belief in falsehood and false Gods.

Competition, natural law, right is right because right is conducive to human survival as a species and as scarce power is made into abundant productive power IN LIBERTY, because that is how we were created, to live and let live, to pursue happiness without making each other our own personal property.

The Liberty Day Challenge (July 4th 2013, or sooner, or later) suggests a turning point in time and in place on calenders for The Friends of Liberty to Unite Voluntarily and in their own special ways on that ONE DAY and the PATH traveled can then be UNDERSTOOD as being a PATH TURNED AROUND and going the more productively POWERFUL way instead of the more destructively POWERLESS way.

If a person challenged by a troubled past and very poor heath can understand the nature of the beast, and how the beast can be defeated, in time, and in places, then why can't other reasonable, moral, good people also gather up their power and know better too?

I'm asking - please.