Comment: It does not happen until it happens.

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It does not happen until it happens.

Back in 1999, there was a HUGE Category 5 hurricane, larger than the state of Florida, bearing down on Jacksonville, FL. The threat to the state was considered so great, Orlando had closed down all of the theme parks. I was visiting my brother in Callahan, about 10 miles from Jacksonville. My brother did not prepare at all. However, I took things seriously enough to go out and buy some supplies. While shopping, I ran into a Air Force Master Sergeant, who told me the National Weather Service was predicting 110 mph winds at Jacksonville International Airport, about 3 miles from my brother's home. I told my brother, and he said, "I have been seeing these things for 50 years. These type of storms always get to within 30 miles of Jacksonville Beach,then turn north. Sure enough, the storm did just that, later putting Fells Point,Maryland under 7 feet of water.

While I believe you should always be prepared, I also believe you should not live your life in fear. Decide what to do no matter what happens, then do it. I am going to Philadelphia next week and I will be prepared, whatever happens.