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You raise some good points

I personally condemned GJ supporters for pushing the Libertarian vote prior to the convention, mainly because it wasn't an appropriate stance or time to even consider such a direction. I also think they did a lot of harm to their cause by doing that, and not lending their full support to Ron Paul, if in fact they were actually RP supporters, and the upcoming convention.
I think this tenacious pushing at that time, not only polarised the RP community against them, but there exists some remnant of that feeling to this day. Could possibly explain the anti GJ sentiment that the mention of the name raises even now.

Having said that, now is the time to consider any and all options that may rise from the smoke and ashes of the national convention.
I think most people that would consider GJ as 'the alternative choice' see this as supporting a 3rd party run, not just a candidate, as the way of the future. The man is certainly no Ron Paul, but does stand for many RP principles and agenda, and certainly is a far cry from the status quo and their unelectable candidates.

I think many see the Liberty ticket as a vehicle to gain support from disenchanted R&D drop-out voters, independants and other libertarian groups as well, providing traction and a voice to the movement..and maybe even a glimmer of hope of opening the debates and challenging the GOP, or simply sending a loud and clear message to the GOP.

This is not to the detriment of those that would stay within the GOP structure, consider a write-in or abstaination. It's simply another way to move the revolution forward, and we should respect those motives and open our minds to any benefits we may see in choosing that direction. Condemning the GJ option, and those that support it, is simply repeating the actions of the GOP/RNC toward Ron Paul and the Liberty movement.
I think many within the Revolution ranks are looking for a direction that will support Ron Paul the man, rather than the Ron Paul message..and those that have seized upon the GJ Liberty direction feel that they have found it.
It all comes down to what is right for you, but we can't move ahead and win hearts and minds while we remain divided as a movement.

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