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I'm not so sure

I'm not so sure if the employee's were "lying" or just ill informed. I sometimes shop at Whole Foods (sometimes because you have to be a millionaire to shop there all the time) and was aware that some of their products contained GMO. I learned this because I once had a conversation with the guy at their meat counter and he advised me that only some of the meat was organic and some of the meat was from animals who were fed a "natural" diet, which contained some GMO. This is when I learned that "natural" does not mean "organic". I guess your opinion in this matter will be based on the employee you come into contact with.

They should be more careful about labeling the GMO products they carry because many people do have the presumption that everything sold there is organic. They should not place the burden on some kid just trying to make a buck stocking shelves, who himself probably honestly thinks that everything there is organic; as many of us once did. It's definitely a problem they need to correct. I agree that they should just get rid of everything GMO and take the guess work out of it. That's why most people go there to begin with, if we want to guess we can guess for half the price at ShopRite.