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Excellent Response

I think you summed it up, perfectly. Of course, it's a tall order, and I don't think she can succeed.

I know that all those reasons are why I have never joined either dominant party; I am happy to work within the LP, even though we "can't win." It is a satisfaction that I am not participating in perpetuating that corrupt system.

I respect those who have the stomach for working within the dominant parties, as Ron Paul does, but I hate politics too much to have to deal with it internally as well as in public. Yes, there is internal politics in the LP, but cheating isn't tolerated, and neither are personal attacks and lies.

One of the dominant parties is likely to implode in time, and to be taken over either from within (as in states where the RP people elected party officers) or replaced from without (as the LP works to do).

We should be ready on both fronts.

What do you think?