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I don't agree

If GJ was that guy, he wouldn't have began the election as a Republican contender AGAINST Ron Paul. He went nowhere as a GOP candidate, so as usual, the LP adopts a Republican who represents the disenfrancised in the GOP and gives them a "safe place".

GJ is not asking you to join the LP. He is not asking you to become future delegate, or to take committee seats. He is not teaching. He is flip flopping because he is running to spare the GOP from Ron Paul rEVOLution. He took Ron Paul's message, twisted it to include the issues people had against Ron Paul.. "Well I really like Ron Paul, BUT his stand on abortion is unlibertarian!". "Well, I really like Ron Paul BUT, same sex couples should have the right to be married..." GJ is setting you up. He's not running to win. You KNOW that. So why vote for GJ? Because it's an easy way out of a good fight Ron Paul has educated us about in C4L.

The GOP lies, cheats and steals and you think, "That's not right, so I will run away from them and allow them to continue to do that without me."

I think, "I'm going to hold these SOBs accountable, by showing upo to the meetings and letting them know.. IT's NOT OK!" It's a WAR and those who ran to GJ are taking the GOP option to leave the war in the name of good conscience.

Some here like to say to me, "They will throw you out". Not without a fight. Right now I have been moving to out them, and my chair has threatened to quit, and I say "QUIT, I'll be happy to chair". I did not back, down, didn't leave, and I won't.

You abandoned the fight when you decided to support GJ instead of going to GOP committee meetings, even as a guest, and holding them accountable, and letting them know, you are not going to let them get away with lying, cheating and stealing.

2013 GJ will return to the GOP and then you will have been dumped. Maybe you will begin to realize that you were played.