Comment: Appearance of Nothing

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Appearance of Nothing

Doing nothing can be considered evil, too.

The Libertarian Party has "none of the above" on all ballots, internally, and that, at least, allows the voters, if a majority, to disqualify all the candidates, and start over (as actually happened this year for our national chair). We favor making this an option for the public, too.

However, no one will know how you voted or did not vote, so the discussion is probably moot, and I do think you can abstain from principle.

On the other hand, voting for any candidate who "cannot win" does send a message that you disapprove of the dominant party candidates or their selection process. Voting for Gary Johnson when he can't win contributes to steering this ship in a new direction since most candidates and incumbents follow trends.

An uptick in the LP result would definitely produce changes in the way incumbents act and increase the LP's leverage for influencing them.

One state LP called all their legislators and said that if they voted for a tax increase, they would run a candidate against them in the next election. The tax increase did not pass. The LP's role in the return to freedom is to use their leverage and to provide alternatives so that voters don't have to drop out, but can still do some good.

What do you think?